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MGA White Convertible for hire

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MG A Roadster

Year - 1959

Engine - 1.6 

5 Speed Manual 

Seats - 2

Interior - Black Leather

Self Drive PriceS
4 Hrs Experience - £395
 9am - 6pm - £445
24 hrs Flexi Hire - £495
Weekend  Hire - £945
*Prices inclusive of VAT
**4 hr weekdays only October to April
What's Included

Full Comprehensive Insurance

Daily Mileage Included - 100

Breakdown Cover

Storage For Your Vehicle

20-30 Minute Classic Car Driving Lesson

Our beautiful white MG A is a shining example of a classic British roadster. With the roof down and the sound of the engine burbling in the background, you can’t get any closer to the essence of classic motoring. Our personal favourite, we feel the MG A strikes a perfect balance between practicality, style and pure driving pleasure. Her timeless lines seem photograph well from any angle and the perfect white paintwork complements almost any event. 

The black mohair roof is very straight forward to put up and down and there is plenty of room for taller people to drive her - tried and tested by our in house 6" 7 Neil! The interior is a beautifully offset black and sits perfectly against the white coachwork topped of by a perfectly period Moto-Lita wooden steering wheel.


Our MG A Roadster is available for self drive hire and proves one of our most popular cars to rent especially for weddings. For your special occasion, we can provide a bespoke car transportation service which can include the delivery of this vehicle to your chosen start location and collection from the same address or different address if needed.

Benefit from our 'Flexi Hire' service - start your hire from any time of day Eg: 3pm - 3pm. Enjoy our classic car to hire as a classic wedding car, a grooms car or for any other classic car experience or gift idea.

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What's Included

Full Comprehensive Insurance

Daily Mileage Included - 100

Collision Damage Waiver

Breakdown Cover

Storage For Your Vehicle

20-30 Minute Classic Car Driving Lesson

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