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Classic Car Picnic

Classic Car Picnics

Enjoy a Freshly Made Picnic and Self Drive Classic Car 


classic car picnic package

The idea of combining a drive in one of our classic cars with a wonderful freshly prepared on the day picnic from 'McLaren Fine Foods' came so naturally to us, we decided to share it with you!

From the options below, you are able to design your own special day out with a choice of 3 picnic types and any of our smashing classic cars. Ponder some extras such as a hamper to keep, a picnic rug or a vintage radio and browse some top picnic destinations in our favourite hand picked selection of picnic locations in and around the beautiful English countryside of Surrey and Hampshire; it couldn't be simpler!

 We can cater to larger groups for private or corporate parties and create a bespoke product to suit any banqueting needs, from choice wines to a private butler service with white linen table cloths for a truly exquisite posh picnic experience. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

A - Choose Your Classic Car

B - Choose Your Picnic

Afternoon Tea
£30 For Two

Afternoon Tea Picnic

Includes your classic car and a generous selection of sandwiches, cakes and scones

£33 For Two

The Classic Picnic

Includes your classic car and wonderful selection of freshly prepared seasonal produce

gourmet picnic classic car picnic

The Bespoke Picnic

Includes your classic car and a selection of gourmet freshly cooked food and drinks

Optional Extras

classic car picnic rug.jpg

Picnic Rug

Purchase a British recycled wool picnic blanket to snuggle down with


classic car picnic rug and hamper.jpg

Wicker Hamper

Add that touch of vintage panache with your own hamper to keep


Drinks Upgrade

Select from an additional range of Champagne and hot drinks to add the finishing touch

Contact us

Old Televisions and Radios

Vintage Radio

Hire a battery powered vintage radio and scan the airwaves for your favourite tunes!


C - Explore our recommended picnic destinations

Classic car picnic locations


Our Top 10 Picnic Spots!

Our recommended spots across Surrey and Hampshire for a picnic

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