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Porsche 911 T for hire

Porsche 911 T For Hire
Porsche 911 T For Hire
Porsche 911 T For Hire
Porsche 911 T For Hire
Porsche 911 T For Hire
Porsche 911 T For Hire

Porsche 911 T

Year - 1970

Engine - 2.2 Flat Six

5 Speed Manual

Seats - 4

Interior - Black Leather

Self Drive PriceS


4 Hrs Experience - £595

 9am - 6pm - £645

24 hrs Flexi Hire - £695

Weekend  Hire - £1195

*Prices inclusive of VAT
**4 hr weekdays only during peak months


We are very excited to have this join the fleet! This is a 1970 D series Porsche 911T with a 2.2 litre air cooled twin Webber carbureted flat 6 mated to a five speed 901 dogleg gearbox. Please note that this car is a left hand drive example.

On The Road:

Weighing just over a tonne, this long-hood 911 is a lively drive, yet retains a level of German refinement that makes this car great for putting some serious miles under your belt. The exquisite handling is a perfect example of why these early long hood Porsches are such a joy to drive - sharp and responsive.


As with all our cars, this prime example of a 911 has the usual classic car features - wind down windows, lockable doors and a whole lot of fun! 


​For your special occasion, weddings or birthdays, we can provide a bespoke car transportation service which can include the delivery of your vehicle to your chosen start location. We also offer collection from the same address or a different address if you need. Our 'Customer Car Swap' service proves very popular giving you the chance to have your car waiting for you when you return the vehicle. Benefit from our 'Flexi Hire' service - start your hire from any time of day Eg: 3pm - 3pm.

Enquire Here

What's Included

Full Comprehensive Insurance

Daily Mileage Included - 100

Breakdown Cover

Storage For Your Vehicle

20-30 Minute Classic Car Driving Lesson

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