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Virtual Classic Car Hire Check-out Videos!

Following recent changes to how we all behave around the Covid 19 pandemic, we have responded by offering new safer ways to see out our cars prior to hiring. This enables limited contact with us respecting social distancing and allows you to have the confidence that we have done all we can to ensure government guidelines are respected. We are now adding Check-Out Videos on each car to give you an opportunity to see the cars prior to hiring, get acquainted with the controls and to hopefully answer almost all your questions that you may have about the car. They are great videos to revisit for a reminder on where the petrol release lever is or how to put the roof back on and will act as an essential reference during your hire period. We will be using these videos as virtual checkouts along side our normal services. Keep an eye on our youtube channel for new videos throughout the Spring and Summer and stay well. see you on the road soon!

Here is an example of our recent Porsche 356S check out video:

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