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Our Covid 19 implemented changes:

It's time to embrace new realities....

We hope that you all well and healthy. In these unprecedented times, we are striving to continue to offer our services in the safest way possible. Following the announcement in January 2021 from the UK government and having spent the last few months preparing to safely, carefully and diligently reopen for car hire, we are now offering all our services again with new measures in place. This is to ensure that we continue to protect our staff and our customers from the virus. We are implementing the following:

  1. Checkouts - We will now be conducting all our car hire checkouts from the safe social distancing 2 metre rule. 

  2. Cleanliness - We will disinfect all major touch points in and out of the car in front of the customer such as steering wheel, door handles, switches etc to provide a safe hire environment before and after each hire. 

  3. Test Drives - We will no longer be providing a test drive but have implemented the creation of ‘Virtual Checkout Videos’ for customers to watch prior to hire - further vocal instruction will be given on checkout day and support via phone will be available 24 hrs a day.

  4. Staff - All our staff will ensure they have met the return to work health certification guidelines.

  5. Deliveries- Our drivers will wear masks and gloves for the entirety of the delivery and collection process with the visual disinfection of the car pre and post hire carried out.

  6. Chauffeured Hire - All chauffeured services will now be equipped with gloves and a face mask for the entirety of the hire.

  7. Our Cars - Each car will enter a 24 hr quarantine period after disinfection and each hire to ensure that it has no chance of harbouring the virus. 


Booking with reassurance

We would like to reassure you that we are now offering the ability to request a date postponement subject to availability with no extra charge for all current bookings and new bookings made until further notice so don’t feel that a deposit would be lost if you needed to change date.

Do get in touch and we wish you all the best for the spring and summer ahead.

Mark and Richard

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